Friday, November 10, 2006

1940's Nazi Cartoons

In the 1940's there was alot of politcal troubles going around, and one of the main ones was WW2. Walt Disney tried to express what was going on by putting examples in his cartoons. One of the episodes was when Donald Duck has a dream that included Nazis. There were a few more episodes where Disney included swastikas and other symbols to resemble Nazis and WW2.

I have been a fan of Bugs Bunny ever since I was little, but I was too young to notice steriotypes. Bugs Bunny had symbols of Nazis; in one episode Bugs Bunny dressed up as Hitler and Stalin. In another steriotypical episode, Bugs sang about buying defense bonds while dressed up as a black man with big lips. Asians were also made fun of, when Bugs called them "slant eyes". I think all of this "Adult" humor makes it more intresting.


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