Friday, October 20, 2006

Scarface Friend Request

Why cant we?


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Prey, Saints Row, and Dead Rising Reveiws

I will reveiw Prey, Saints Row, and Dead Rising for the Xbox 360 (its not like it makes a difference what I think, lol)

Campaign Mode: The campaign mode is "ok", it is kinda repetitive and the controls get a bit annoying. The graphics could of been better. You are a Native American in space and you must kill aliens and save your girlfriend. Throughout the game are many confusing gravity pads, which allow you to walk on ceilings and walls. There are not that many weapons, and none of that create a big "bang". The controls are alot like DOOM.
Live: Live is not the best on this game, you do not have many options, such as weapons, maps and items.
Conclusion: Prey is definitly a game to rent, it gets a 6/10


Saints Row
Campaign: The campaign mode is alot like GTA San Andreas, but the storylines are alot different. There are no loading screens when you enter one of your cribs or stores, and it is in some ways more realistic then GTA. An example is when you crash into a car going really fast, you or the car infront of you can go through windsheilds. To increase your characters life you can smoke weed or drink alcohol. The controls, music, and graphics are amazing, but you map is smaller than GTA San Andreas. The scenery is alot like GTA 3.
Live: The live is excellent and you can change every look about your guy, just like in 1 player. There are several different games to pick from, and when you win you get more money then if your team loses. You can buy clothes, create your own gang, and play with alot of people (god that sounds wrong).
Conclusion: In conclusion this is a game that you must buy if you have a 360, its earns a 9/10.

(Saints Row)

Dead Rising
Campaign: The single player mode is hard, because the whole saving system is FUCKED up, you can only save in certain areas. You are a reprter and you are doing a report about a city that was taken over by zombies. You have 3 days in a mall to do your report. You can use pretty much whatever you can get your hands on as a weapon. The graphics are great, controls are good, and the sound effects rock.
Live: There is no online play, but you can download upgrades.
Conclusion: This game is a buy, it gets a 8/10.

My Guitar

Heres a pic of what my shity guitar looks like...

Its a black Cort G-Series

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

xbox 360

I just got my 360 a couple weeks ago. i have three games, Saints Row, Prey, and Dead Rising. Saints Row is awesome on single player and live. Dead Rising is "slices" of fun (who the wouldent like killing zombies with every weapon possible?). Prey is ok, my moms boyfriend likes it. im not really into "fantasy" games. what other games should i get for it?